Italian cream cake and strawberries recipe

    Dear readers, today in my sio we'll show you a recipe to cook a very special sweet and easy to make, we are talking about the Cake cream and strawberries, good food for every occasion, the ingredients that we use are strawberries, sponge cake, 4 eggs, cream and syrup flavored with lemon zest, if we want to do things well done, cut the edges and the shell of the cake , parts that tend to remain tougher than the rest because of the cooking, but this is optional, you decide. Once removed the edges cut the cake into three discs. If you prepare the cake a few days before it will be easier to cut because it is more compact, wet thoroughly with a brush and a spoon on the first disc, Add the cream and then the strawberries, cut into pieces continued with the other layers. Put even a dusting of powdered sugar and a few leaves of mint complete the decoration on the cake to make her look good aesthetically.

    Cut the edges of sponge cake and also the upper cover, divide the cake into three discs. Cut the edges of sponge cake and also the upper cover, divide the cake into three discs. Place the first directly onto a serving plate or splash back, douse with syrup that you have obtained by boiling par two or three minutes the water with sugar and lemon zest and made it cool, be generous! Add the cream and pour over strawberries cut into small pieces place the other disk of dough and stuff it like the previous Ultimate your cake decorating the outside. I repeat that to make this cake you must have 1 sponge cake 4 eggs, 500 ml whipping cream,400 g of strawberries or other fruit ripe for the syrup 200 ml of water 100 g sugar 1lemon zest, this is not a difficult recipe, you must however comply with the cooking time and ingredients must be top notch to churn out then a pie of success that will be appreciated by all who eat it, we posted a video that will show you the recipe so much easier.

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  • il 24 Jan 2016

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